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Health and wellbeing
for body and soul
All referenced herein are possible in our hotel.
Find out when you make your reservation and
Reserve your pampering appointment before arrival
at our freelance physiotherapist
Caroline Ehle 
Back massage (20 min) 
€ 19.50

Wellness back Massage with warm aromatic oil 
€ 23.00
Wellness full body Massage with warm aromatic oil 
€ 33.50

Hot Roll (25 min) 
€ 16.50

Herbal massage back and arms € 27,50

Herbal massage full body (60 min) 
€ 47,50 

Ear Candle Treatment 
€ 28,00  

Back massage with aromatic massage candle (20 min) 
€ 25,00 

Full body massage for the back, arms and legs (45 min) 

Full body massage with aromatherapy massage candle (45 min) 
€ 36,50  

Relaxing baths with various additives (20 min)
e.g. Heublume, herbs, lemon balm, 7-herb, marsh, lavender sage

€ 13,00  

Pamper Package face / neck
Face and neck massage with Aloe Vera Cream Cleansing with Aloe Vera Facial Toner Aloe Vera face mask (30 min)

€ 33.50

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